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Ridge Canada helps insurance brokers and insurance buyers understand, evaluate, and secure cyber coverage that is tailored to their business. Our approach is simple. We listen and learn about your business to understand the cyber exposures that are relevant and important to you. We then discuss the operational and financial benefits of cyber insurance by relating them to your business and the risks you face.

Organizations of all types and sizes are forced to manage cyber risks that are constantly evolving and that are not going away anytime soon. We specialize in cyber risk management so that our clients do not have to face cyber risks alone. We specialize in this niche insurance coverage to ensure you are protected in the unfortunate (but not uncommon) event of a cyber incident.

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Frequently Asked Questions.



What is insurance?

Insurance is a financial product designed to restore your business to the same state it was in prior to a covered incident. It is a key risk transfer tool within your risk management practices and may allow you to stabilize your business’ bottom line during a catastrophe. At it’s core, insurance provides peace-of-mind that you will not be shouldered with paying costs that may bankrupt your business.

What is “Cyber”?

Within the context of risk management the term “cyber” refers to network security and privacy risk. At a high level, network security risks refer to those risks that may arise as a result of a failure of an entity’s network security to mitigate any unauthorized access or use of the entity’s computer system. Privacy risks refer to those risks that may arise as a result of any failure of an entity to prevent the loss, theft or unauthorized release of personally identifiable information or non-public commercial information, whether in electronic or non-electronic form.

What is CYBER insurance?

Cyber Insurance is a specific type of insurance designed to cover the expenses and liabilities your business may incur due to a network security or privacy incident. Aside from the financial indemnification for legal liability arising from a lawsuit, cyber insurance includes coverage for costs of lawyers (including regulatory guidance), information technology experts, public relations services, notification costs, and more. If any terms you come across on the website are unfamiliar, please cross-reference our cyber insurance glossary.


Cyber exposures are constantly evolving as technology evolves and cyber criminals fine-tune their methods, however the key risks of Business Disruption and Financial Loss are consistent. If your business maintains a sizeable amount of sensitive information, there is the potential of privacy lawsuits, regulatory fines & penalties, and notification costs. Even if you do not carry sensitive information, business disruption in the form of ransomware extortion or malware impacting system performance along with financial loss via phishing and social engineering are becoming more and more frequent.

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What is Covered?

More than most think. The coverage is extremely broad and contains eight to ten (or more) insuring agreements, each of which covers a specific aspect of the exposure. Coverage is not limited to privacy issues on computers (and includes coverage for loss of hard copy documents) nor is it limited to malicious third party acts (and includes coverage for employee actions and human error).

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is Cyber Covered under my other policies (i.e. CGL)?

Cyber exposures are traditionally not covered under other common insurance policies such as commercial general liability or property policies. In addition, some policies (such as professional liability or directors & officers) are moving to explicit exclusions for cyber exposures. Cyber exposures are unique and complicated and best dealt with an insurance policy that properly addresses those exposures. Did you know that the majority of cyber coverage disputes we hear about in the news are about policyholders trying to recover for a cyber loss from a policy that was never designed to cover a cyber loss?

HOW MUCH DOES Cyber Insurance COST?

Cyber Insurance can be surprisingly affordable. The cost depends on your type of business and size of business, however premiums for $1,000,000 in coverage start at approximately $1,000 / year. If you are interested in a quote, please contact your insurance broker and ask about Ridge Canada.



A Managing General Agency is an individual or business entity acting on behalf of a capital provider to provide, negotiate, and countersign insurance contracts. This is most common when capital providers from Lloyd’s of London partner with Managing General Agencies in foreign jurisdictions to provide local expertise and relationships.

WHAT IS Lloyd’s of london?

Lloyd’s of London is not an insurance company. Lloyd’s is a London UK based marketplace where insurance buyers and sellers come together. The insurance sellers (or syndicates) are specialized in different types of risks and each seller decides which type of risk to insure. The main purpose of Lloyd’s is to act as an intermediary between clients, underwriters, brokers and insurance companies. Lloyd's currently enjoys an A+ rating from Standard & Poor's, AA- from Fitch and A from A.M. Best. These ratings are independent opinions of Lloyd’s financial strength and ability to meet its ongoing insurance policy and contract obligations.

WHy USE A Managing general agency (MGA)?

Insurance brokers will typically use a Managing General Agency to obtain access to specific products or expertise. Think of an insurance broker as the general contractor for an insurance policy - would you expect the contractor to be an expert in framing, plumbing, electrical, roofing, etc? Similarly, the insurance broker is the general contractor of the insurance purchasing process and may engage subject matter experts to ensure adequate coverage.

Does using a Managing General Agency (MGA) cost me More?

In most insurance transactions, the commission you pay (to insurance brokers and agents) is included in the total amount of your premium. Managing General Agencies are specialists within their area of expertise and have unique relationships with insurers who also focus on those areas. This expertise and relationships may actually lead you to pay less premium than when insuring with a standard insurance market.

Any other questions?

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